THEY DARED RETURN by Patrick K. O'Donnell
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At the height of World War II, with the Third Reich’s Final Solution in full operation, a small group of Jews who had barely escaped the Nazis did the unthinkable: they went back.

Spies now, these Americans took on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines This is their story, a tale of adventure, espionage, love, and revenge

Having barely escaped Germany, several Jewish friends are determined to strike back at the Third Reich while several of their families languish in concentration camps.

After months of training with the U.S. Army, a small group of spies is formed, including several former German soldiers now willing to betray their Fűhrer for the greater good of Germany.

The men are given a treacherous covert mission behind enemy lines and deep inside the heavily fortified area of Austria’s “Alpine Redoubt,” where Hitler planned to make his last stand. Capture would mean almost certain death; success, a swift end to the war.

They Dared Return is a great World War II story of derring-do—a cinematic World War II drama, filled with an unforgettable cast of characters and packed with action, suspense, and intrigue.


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